Invitation to Contribute!

We are Penelope Foreman, Katy Whitaker and Claudia Sciuto, all PhD students involved in looking at stone in different ways, and we want to find other interpretations and experiences of stone. This year, we are chairing a session on the stories stone tells us through time.

We realise that many cannot make it to EAA Maastricht, for a great many reasons. We also recognise that this means voices with interesting, challenging, creative, and intriguing thoughts on the story of stones will not be heard. This blog is open for submissions on the theme of stone stories – related to the abstract detailed on here. Be creative – it can be a poem, an account of an encounter with stone artefacts, video content, art, sculpture, song…

When submitting, please include a short abstract (up to 150 words), a brief biography, and whether or not you agree to your work being shown on-screen during the session at EAA itself. Please contact co-organiser Penelope Foreman by email with your ideas.

Please note this blog is open to all submissions, not just archaeologists – we want to hear the story of stones from as many different perspectives as possible! It would be wonderful to hear from jewellery makers, stonemasons, walkers, builders, those who worship at special sites, surveyors, geologists… anyone who has a stone story to share, we’d like to see it here.