Megalithic Cemetery in Sligo, or Two Wet Days in the West – Part One – by Jackie Bates

Our first post is part one of a wonderful travelogue to Carrowmore Cemetery, Ireland – evocative and inspiring, full of imagery that makes the stones feel alive in their landscape. Part two to follow! – ed


Stone is all around us, often unseen or unnoticed. The choices made by people thousands of years ago force us to confront this most unyielding of elements in a particular way, which I have always found intensely resonant and emotionally satisfying.

The Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, on the Knocknarea peninsula, County Sligo, Republic of Ireland, is one of the biggest Neolithic cemeteries in Europe. In this paper I discuss the landscape, the tombs themselves, and the experience of visiting such a large and yet convenient site. I then go on to explore the smaller and much less convenient but more dramatic cemetery at Carrowkeel. There’s quite a lot about rain. But also about the joy I find in the monuments of the past. And the more effort it takes to visit a site, the more joy it brings.

About me
A freelance editor and writer who has spent a lifetime looking at rocks and wondering about the past. Jack can be found on Twitter @muninnherself


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